"Graph Changed During Sync" appears multiple times


I’m using git to auto-commit every 60s (no plugins). Whenever I return to the Logseq app after some time, there’s a lot of these messages in the right side:

There’s so many messages that it’s easier to close Logseq and open it again.

Is there a way to disable it or solve it?


Found it! This error is from the official Readwise plugin:

I’ll contact them!

ok, now reading the code, Logseq in the message there refers to a test graph I was using that was long deleted and unlinked. Reinstalling the plugin and reconnecting it did solve the problem!

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Do you mean reinstalling the Readwise plugin? So delete it completely and reinstall?

yeah, I deleted it, restarted the app just to be sure, and then reinstalled the plugin again

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