Graph links connections

I don’t understand links and backlinks, graph connections respectively.

I annotate a pdf where the hls_filename.pdf in the graph contains many [[pages]] I built. In the annotations page itself I made headings with a [[name]]. As a indent to this headings are my annotated links (with p2, xyz) which contains [[pages]] as well.
Why are these indented [[pages]] directly with the hls_filename.pdf connected and not over the headings?
Do I need block properties?

The graph view just links [[Page A]] to all the pages mentioned in [[Page A]], no matter the indentation or headings.

So there is no possible way to “fix” that?
I mean it would be kinda logic that in a overall [[topic]] you have this under topics where you have linked [[pages]] and it is connected with each other :slight_smile:

Have you tried to move annotations away from hls-filename page?

Linking together pages mentioned like you said sounds good at first, but I guess it would lead to too many links that are hard to process.