Graph View in right sidebar for Blocks

I always open a new topic in a new journal block, zoom on it and then continue from there. It can get very complex, just like a page would. From my pov, a zoomed-In Block is similar to a Page, I can have top block properties etc. I don’t feel any need to have pages even for complex topics and I want to keep my notes in the journal. I want Blocks (with all their children blocks) to be treated like first class citizens and get a Graph View in the sidebar. That shouldn’t be very hard right?

I am disappointed too by this discrepancy between blocks being the units of information but the graph view being about pages.

FYI SiYuan is an app, similar to Obsidian but FOSS, that does something like that: the graph view have some toggles to include also page content like headers, lists, list elements etc.


Then maybe vote? :slight_smile: … dunno if anybody cares about voting or even if votes are something the devs look at but hey, it’s a chance :slight_smile:

Done, but I think a better way to put it is “filter the current page graph view as a bullet is focused”.

Indeed if I understand what you mean, when you focus on a block, the current page graph view show connections of the whole page, while you want to see only the references actually visible under the current focused block.

When I focus on a Block, the right sidebar Page Graph is completely empty. Block Graph is not available. I can see a graph only if I am in the Journal Page itself, but that has so many different things in it I am not sure it can bring any insight into anything by seeing the connections graph. But if I have a parent block that has 30 other child blocks and is a rather large article or whatever, I would like to see a connection graph of that when zoomed-in on it.