Graph view nodes should move with their parents

In graph view, nodes and edges interleave with each other, which makes it hard to recognize the tree structure in between. If they are placed more separately, it should be better. Or, when I drag one of the nodes, its children can move with it (like how Athens Research does), then I can manually separate them. Currently when I try to drag a cluster away from other nodes, I need to drag all nodes one by one.

Take a look at Graph visualization software, there are multiple parameters that dictate their visibility.
For benchmarking please check Rpgove’s Greadability repo on GitHub.

The static graph is the worst. The children nodes need to move when their parent node is dragged. Its almost unusable when you have a lot of nodes to identify. I came to post this as a feature request and am surprised this request hasn’t gotten more upvotes. Please people even if you don’t personally need it, please give this a vote for the rest of us


I totally agree with you!

+1 to this. The graph in logseq is much less useful than Roam’s or Obsidian’s.

  • 1, the current graph visualization is way too messy to be practical… It would be so easy to improve! The Foam graph view that I used before was much better and allowed to see at a glance tree structures and other clusters.

+1. I’m also a visual thinker and would like to have the graph view improved.
I really like the hierarchical graph visualization of TheBrain:

Would it be possible, to implement something like this?