Greetings from a new user

I looking at possibly switching from Joplin to Logseq.
I really like the workflow of making notes in the Journal and linking blocks to the multiple relevant pages.
I am quite technical - or at least I thought I was until I started looking at the query language!
I run Linux as my daily - only - driver, Ubuntu 22.04 with xfce4 specifically and am running the Logseq appimage.
I do a lot of technical support where I document a customer issue and relate it to the customer, the product and the topic area within the product. I use a property to flag if the call needs follow up documentation.
I am also trying to use the product for my todo management and I feel it is very strong in that area.
I have a show stopping issue which I will ask about in the relevant forum. It seems a very basic issue so maybe I am just not using the product the way it was intended.
Anyway, I hope my evaluation is successful and I can use the product as I am really enjoying taking it for a test run.
Thank you to everyone that makes this product possible.

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