Greetings from Bavaria

Hi there,

i want to say hi - and thank you - to the community for doing such a great job.
I´m using logseq for 6 months now and it has really streamlined all my note-taking efforts. Now taking notes and investing a good amount of time doesn´t seem in vain anymore. I´m hoping to build a graph that will serve me for life.

I´ve learned a lot via youtube and wanted to give something back, so i made (and am making) a tutorial in german language, if anyone is interested. Here is a link to the channel:

See you around!


Welcome and thanks for your contribution! @Whiskeyclone

Welcome to the community @Whiskeyclone!

I’ve seen your content before and was thinking it would fit perfectly in the community hub ( Would it be okay for you if I added the videos to the hub? Of course I’ll give you full attribution.


Hi @Ramses,

of course you can add it to the community hub. I have planned a lot of detailed videos (comments on my existing tutorials suggest that there is a need for deepdiving in certain topics). So feel free to add the Videos, if they are helping someone - great. It sure helped me to watch others (like you).