Greetings from Germany

Hello all,

I am Lukasz and searching for a while for right tool to gather all my thoughts in order to achieve peace of mind :smiley:

At the moment I’m using:

  1. stoic. to keep bullet journaling,
  2. As I am commuting I am using this time to hear audiobooks. Unfortunately, I noticed that I only “consume” without putting the knowledge into practice. I started looking and this how I discovered the concept of second brain. I have started using obsidian for keeping track of core concepts from audiobooks.
  3. Now I am searching for the tool, which facilitate me to create own content (more project based approach) and I hope that Logseq will be the right tool for it :smile:
    I came across this app through Shue Omi video where he was presenting AI and this hooked me up for the app.

Let me know if you use several apps, or do you maybe have one to rule then all?