Greetings from Madrid, Spain

I came to Logseq in my eternal search (and jumps) between apps to keep a minimum organization of my notes and writings between mobile and computer.

Although I’m still deciding between a mode based mainly on folders or tags, I’m experimenting with the possibilities offered, the synchronization (via Syncthing) and plug-ins on the computer.


Greetings! I’m from Madrid too!

What are you using logseq for? What kind of things do you write?

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Hi, nice to meet you!

At the moment I am testing its use as a journal because it is hard for me to change the mentality I am used to organize by folders and I may also test it to keep track of some tasks.

I used to have multiple folders too in other apps. I’m getting used to use the page-type property. But you can also use namespaces, naming your pages like this: Clases/A15 - Robots Autónomos. That way, you can create some kind of hierarchy.

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Thank you very much for the tip!