Greetings 👋 Randell from Houma, Louisiana, USA

I have been using Obsidian and Notion for quite some time. Then, I learned about Logseq. I will attempt to import all of my content from the other two into Logseq. I’m impressed with Logseq’s privacy-oriented, open-source software.

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Welcome!! This is a pretty good place to get help. Hope it works for you.

I decided not to import from my previous note captures. I thought about it, but I chose to start using logseq from scratch as my primary inbox for capturing everything from web urls to stray thoughts during the day.

I’m also a heavy pen and notebook user, and just recently decided to not include daily routines and tracking habits in logseq, and just keep it in the notebook.

At some point in the future I may convert some things from Notion and Obsidian, but certainly not everything.

I think it would be awesome to hear about your process and progress with conversion though. Here’s hoping it goes well! :heart: