Group results in advanced query as in simple query

Hi There, so in Hint: Nested Tasks in advanced query I showed, how I got the tasks to be added as whole blocks to the advanced query result.
Now, I’ve got the following problem.


Simple queries group the results by pages, the advanced queries don’t do that.
I guess, that’s something to be achieved with :view, but I did not figure out yet, how.

I tried searching the console log, but there I only found the query itself, not the :view.

As a comparison, for

  :query [
    :find (pull ?b [* {:block/_parent ...}])
    :in $ ?current-page
      [?p :block/name ?current-page]
      [?b :block/path-refs ?p]
      [?b :block/marker ?marker]
      [(contains? #{"TODO" "NOW" "LATER" "DONE" "WAITING"} ?marker)]]
  :inputs [:current-page]
    (fn [result]
        (fn [b] (get b :block/priority "Z"))
          (fn [b] (= (get b :block/marker) "DONE") ) 

the output is

So, the answer basically lies behind
It’s intended, that breadcrumbs are not shown, if :result-transform is used.