Guidance for building a read-only Logseq-based website


Can someone point me to some documentation for how to build an end-to-end read-only website based on Logseq?

What I want to achieve essentially is to make an internal company knowledge base website. The UX I’m imagining is that

  1. an employee clones a Git repo that contains the graph files, opens the Logseq app, makes any modifications they’d like and create a PR.
  2. Once that PR eventually merges, another automation process builds an internal website based on the contents of master.

I’ve seen this page: logseq/ at master · logseq/logseq · GitHub
which seems to hint that this is running the full Logseq app in the browser.

I’m probably missing something obvious here, so any pointers would be appreciated.

we’d be interested in editing the CSS, and have similar functionality as the app (graph view, navigation, search, etc… all except actually modifying content)

:man_facepalming: looks like it’s just publishing :slight_smile: