Handwritten notes ➔ Logseq bullet points

I am a big fan of Logseq; however, I do find handwritten notes to have some benefits, except that I often lose them.

What I would really like is to be able to write some bullet points on paper, take a photo, and have Logseq convert the bullet points into text format.

I know that’s a big ask, but perhaps someone has found a good way to do this or has a workflow suggestion?

There are a few OCR solutions. I use Android and Google so I can tell you how I go about it.

You can take a photo of the handwritten notes (jpeg format), put in google Drive, open with Google Docs and it will convert it. Then copy and paste into logseq.

You can use Google Lens and it will do the OCR and then you can cut and paste into Logseq or other document and then Logseq.

I llike putting things in Gooogle Docs first and then pasting to Logseq as the formatting seems to work better.

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I have the displeasure of using iOS for work so I may provide for that side as well:

  1. Write your note, ideally in print but I’ve had decent results with cursive.

  2. Take a photo, make sure it’s as clear as possible.

  3. Given some time it should OCR it for you in the Photos app and from there you simply copy the text you need. Take note that if you want all of the text copied you can select some > hold > “Select All”.

Have a look at Rocketbook. Their system might fit your needs. (I use Rocketbook a lot for meeting notes when I cannot use a laptop)

Few ideas, maybe MLs/AIs (cloud or local) could help:

If it’s not too much on a page (you can make always two photos of halfs of pages, or cut photo into slices),
and feel comfortable with cloud AI solutions, then maybe things like OpenAI GPT-4 Vision or Gemini could help, also I am sure there are many more solutions for ML/DN computer vision systems to run locally…