Having intermittent issues creating blocks

I am running Logseq on Archlinux (provided via logseq-desktop-bin) I recently updated to Logseq 0.10.1.

I’ve noticed in pages when I try to create a new block via pressing “enter”, I can not create a new block as I’ve previously experienced. Instead it adds a new line to the existing block. Pressing shift+enter results in the same.

I have not changed any keys. Going into settings and looking at the keymap, it looks like nothing has changed on me either. I am not sure why the same shortcuts are duplicated twice though.

I was in the midst of reporting this bug when it started working again as expected, so maybe there is some sort of intermittent issue here? Please let me know if there is additional information I could provide.

To summarize

Expected: When I press enter on a page, I should create a new block.

Actual: When I press enter on a page, it creates a new line in the existing block.

This is because they are present in both Keymap categories Basics and Block editing general .