Having to Reindex and Convoluted Graph Location / Hierarchy / Structure

I think that I have convoluted and mixed up my graph and now it seems like there are extra folders are nested within each other.

I am using iCloud after failing to correctly set up sync via Dropbox.

My current graph is located in iCloud like this:

These contain my active pages that I am adding to and changing every day:




These following are just there and maybe are more backups?




In any case, after thinking I lost a page one day, I have started reindexing every time I open LogSeq and before shutting down for the day in an attempt not to lose any work.

Just to be clear, I may have the terminology wrong and I do not know what I am doing or what the file structure “under the hood” is supposed to look like.

My question is, is this normal that there are LogSeq folders within LogSeq folders (I know the backup folders are normal) and does this have anything to do with why I feel like I need to reindex?

Note: I do get error messages also on start up indicating that I have duplicate pages and need to reindex.

I really enjoy using LogSeq and I just want to ask for help now sooner than later.

I also want to read the documentation and watch the videos, as there seems to be a great many, but I do not know where to start and I cannot link what I do not know to the correct terminology.

My next question: is can anyone recommend a road map of documentation/tutorials/videos to start with to properly learn LogSeq.

When we are talking about re-index, it is this button:

It will rebuild your graph based on the files on your file system. (In technical terms rebuild the internal database based on the files)
This should only be necessary when you see things in Logseq not match up with your files.
That it is “behind” so to speak.
I personally run into this mostly when renaming or deleting files in combination with syncing to other devices.

The Logseq file structure should look like.
main graph folder >

  • assets *
  • journals
  • logseq
  • pages
  • whiteboards *

Within the logseq folder there is then some subfolders.

For reference documentation you can look at the official documentation.

For tutorials, @Bas_Grolleman recently published an introduction tutorial.

And Start quick by using this Logseq Starter Kit - YouTube
(I have honestly not watched them myself, but maybe they have value for you)
As well as OneStutteringMind has an intro series on his YouTube.
Logseq Intro Course - YouTube

I think those are good starting points.

Either look on the file system or within the “all pages” page in logseq to find these and do a clean up.

PS. This may ultimately also be related to iCloud itself. I had a lot of issues with it. It would try to sync while Logseq was writing to files and cause issues.
So it may relate to that, but I can’t say for certain.

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Thank you very very much.

Welcome and do let me know if you’re missing anything on the video’s as I’m happy to help clarify.

And I love all feedback, as there’s plenty of things we “advanced” users take for granted that isn’t as obvious.