Heading in web while unordered list in desktop

Not sure I am the only one notice this, I find that there is inconsistency in editing notes using web vs using desktop app(logseq canary), and thus in displaying on one after editing with the other.


  • If you are editing on web you will be using heading for each bullet point item in the underlying .md file

  • if you are editing on desktop app(logseq canary) you are using the unordered list for each bullet point item in underlying .md file.

And web will be recognizing and displaying heading while desktop app will be displaying unordered list in the regular “logseq way” so the part you wrote in the other way will be a little strange to display.

like following

Day 1 using logseq seriously, and not sure this will be solved soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience. The reason is canary is only released for desktop app. Use it solely on desktop or wait for it to be merged and released on the web too.

Thank you for the quick response. That makes a lot sense!