Headings, where they at?!

I feel like this has been asked before, or I’m being stupid, but… Could we get headings?
One of the things i most miss about emacs, obsidian or roam over logseq is headings. i love the endless nested lists and all but adjustable headings are just so nice.

I recently exported a note from roam into logseq and was just shocked by how much worse it was without all my headings.

Thanks for your great work.


There is only one level of headings right now - right-click on bullet and choose “Convert to a heading”. I would like to have more too, so +1.


I know what you mean @faldor20 I was confused at first about how headings work. Coming from Org-mode and Obsidian I do have a similar view to how you use headings.

Like @Piotr said right-click on bullet > “Convert to a heading” is the way to do it, however visually that’s the only way to make one variation of text bigger.

Just in case you are not aware if you press esc and then s you can see how logseq is formatting things in mardown (or org-mode if that’s what you chose)

The following part I refer to Markdown

Each bullet point is a heading starting by default from h2 ## and nesting into h3 ### h4 #### and so on.

Specially in discord and I perhaps in this forum too, there are many requests from users to use bullet points (with indentations) in markdown instead of # headings.

If that happens I can see more possibility for using # for heading hierarchy.


Yes, yes, yes please. This bothers me almost everyday.

Sounds great to me.


It’s coming :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Awesome :slight_smile: :+1:


While we’re here with the headings, a keyboard shortcut for Convert to a heading would be useful.

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definitely :slight_smile: especially on phone in mobile right clicks are sorta hard :wink:

I just saw the “Markdown’s unordered list support” demo that tienson made on 8 Apr 2021 on discord . That is certainly the best way to free Headings from “outlining duties” and allow “#” to be used as Headings. Look forward to its release.

Hi Sabre23t,

Recently the team released Logseq Canary (the first release of the refractored code) and includes fantastic features such as:

  • unordered lists
  • improved functionality
  • better undo/redo
  • lots of other improvements.

You can download a copy of Canary here Releases · logseq/logseq · GitHub - just keep in mind it is in its infancy and is still being worked on.

Thanks Ed_Nico. I did find the Logseq Canary announcement on discord, downloaded, installed and starting to play with it, on a separate testing graph. I already found quirks with mixing headings and unordered list bullets. Seems you can indent/outdent Headings in the editor, that doesn’t appear in the MD file. Will properly report them when I play some more. :wink:

I think this feature should be done now?

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I can make headings in markdown files but it still isn’t supported in Org mode. So partially, but as an Org user…not at all :slight_smile: