Hej från Tyskland!

Hello from Germany!
My name is Thomas, and I am working for the IT department of a well known Swedish furniture retailer.
I am working as a Systems Engineer and my main focus is being a Splunker and taking care of our Splunk cloud infrastructure.
I am currently using Notable for my notes. Notable is really nice, but not very active project. There is a new beta that introduces graph view to visualize the relationship between notes.
Since I kind of used the tool in a wrong way, I wanted to start over and migrate existing notes and articles I have wrote.
I have played around with Zettlr and also Obsidian. Obsidian would have been the perfect tool for me if it was Open Source. Its license won’t allow me to use the free version for my notes at work.
Someone in the Notable Discord suggested me to have a look at Logseq, which is how I got here.
Logseq looks very promising to me and might become the right candidate for me to be used. I sometimes get confused by blocks, which I like in the journal … but in a page I feel really confused by this concept. I have created many plain markdown files in Notable which I can convert to PDF or whatever as needed.
This is how I got into this forum, maybe someone can help … Completely disable blocks on a new page