Hello all! Vegard from Norway

Been looking for a replacement for Evernote for years, and narrowed down to Obsidian and Logseq recently. Before I really tried any of them, I wanted to like Logseq (open source) but suspected I would end up on the the seemingly more polished and mature Obsidian (thought I’d miss the bias to longer texts, I really need sync and so on).

So I made the very decisive decision to just use both (you know, markdown compatibility and all that…) and started out a week ago. After the first hour I gravitated to logseq, and haven’t really looked back (yet). I’m sure I have a few problems still to encounter, but man am I in love with this software!

I am amazed at how well it works, including logseq sync, which I thought would be the biggest problem. This software genuinely makes me happy.

Thank you to the devs, and to the enthusiasts on youtube that made me try it. It really feels like a new world!


bear in mind, if haven’t found out yet, logseq is quite good at long form writing as well as being an outliner.

Indeed, this didn’t turn into the problem I anticipated at all. I am instead continuously surprised over how frictionless and intuitive I find the whole experience, and the enjoyment in exploring a truly nice piece of software.