Hello from a german logseq explorer

Hello everybody,
I am trying to use logseq as a paper lover and non digital native. I am interested in many subjects and like to store information and knowledge of my interest. I heard of logseq from my professor in April 2022 and was eager to explore it. To better understand the andvantage I first “had to” experience how to get advantage out of bullet journaling (write everything down, right in the order the infomation pops up and do not leave space for sortning the content in some way. Use the Index to find content). Since I got it kind of right, I was fighting for the aim of running logseq synchronized on my android phone and windows laptop, because I wanted to get rid of all the sticky notes on my mobile phone and be able to store input wherever I am. This is working since a while. I am now seeking to explore more possibilities of logseq for a higer integration into my life. I appreciate very much the great developing work that is beeing done by so many volunteers!


Hi there and wilkommen,

cool thing that your professor talked about logseq in the first place. Did not know that the app is known in academic circles in germany, let alone in 2022.