Hello from a potential Roam Research refugee

I’m Alan Hesketh, live in New Zealand, and have been a Roam Research user for more than a year. Almost 7,000 pages, over 1,700 images and over 60,000 references used.

I’ve become quite disillusioned with the development path that RR is on, as we’ve not had significant additional functionality released for months now. After looking into alternatives for RR, and talking to people, I am trying to migrate to logseq for a number of reaons.

First, control of my own data. The lack of security on the data in RR is increasingly worrying. For example, the Firebase links to images and PDFs have no security on them. Security by obscurity is no longer acceptable.

Second, logseq’s UI is very similar to RR so changing over does not seem like a steep learning curve.

Third, most of the functionality that I use is available in logseq, and what is not there seems to be available as plug-ins. I use wordcount a lot to track what I have been writing, and there is a plugin to logseq to provide similar functionality. But in logseq, the function uses the block-ref in the code so there is no simple way to migrate the wordcount occurences from RR to logseq.

So I want to move to logseq, and I’m investigating how to do this.


Hey! creator of the wordcount plugin here.

You can just do a rename of the Roam reference to the logseq one. Have tested and it works.

Let me know if you need help with this!

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G’day. Thanks for responding. I was pleased to find your plug in. I use wordcount in a lot of different places in my graph. An examples of syntax I see in RR is {{wordcount}} and LS is {{renderer :wordcount_ysixtddr}}.

Can you please give me some examples of how I rename the RR reference to the LS one? Every word count seems to have different text in LS.

Hmm shortly of manually changing it, are you comfortable using the terminal?

If you still need instructions on how to migrate the syntax, you can refer to here: GitHub - hkgnp/logseq-wordcount-plugin