Hello from Alberta, Canada!

Hey everyone! My name is Lawrence and I’m very new to Logseq. In fact, I’m very new to the whole personal PMK/second brain idea.

I’m ADHD so I’ve never been good at note taking. I was an Evernote user for years up to this January and it was more of a place for my notes to go and die than anything else.

Since I left Evernote, I’ve bounced around between different note taking apps. I’ve also been reading a lot about building second brains, Zettelkasten, atomic notes etc. I see the value in all that but I find myself having a hard time putting a system together for myself. I know I don’t have to stick to one method strictly and have started with a sort of hybrid approach but I don’t think that I fully understand Logseq yet.

So I need to hang around here and on Discord and learn the tool so I hope you folks don’t mind stupid questions!

Good to be here!