Hello from an Aussie Mum

Hi all
I am an Australian Mum, living in far North Queensland. I work in a small independent school as a learning support TA and co-teach Home Economics. I am studying Secondary Education and have been wanting a space to store all the knowledge I have gathered throughout my degree so that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time I have an assessment. I also read a lot and want to keep track of connecting thoughts, quotes and uses within the classroom. I am implementing a Zettlekasten type system.
In my spare time I like to read fiction (romance and classics) and I love playing Call of Duty Black Ops, but have been unable to for about a year. I need a new game machine.
I am only using the web version of Logseq as I have an older Macbook Pro.

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Hello there,
Thank you so much for the Introduction. It is great to see that users of Logseq are dotted all over the place. I used to love doing Home Ec in school. It is a shame that it is not compulsory everywhere as it taught me a lot of basic home/life skills which unfortunately are lacking nowadays.

I only managed to get myself to Sydney whilst travelling out there but want to go back as there is so much to see and explore, one day maybe! I hope by the classics you are referring to a bit of John Grisham :wink:

If you are interested in a Zettlekasten type implementation, be sure to check this link out https://betterhumans.pub/the-complete-guide-for-building-a-zettelkasten-with-roamresearch-8b9b76598df0. It is done with Roam Research but you should be able to extract and implement the same/the concepts that interest you in Logseq.

The functionality of the Web version is generally on par with that of the desktop app. With the Desktop app being Electron based, they share the same code. It might just be that sometimes tweaks are made on the web before the desktop app and vice versa, but in the end you get the same great product.

Thanks again for the introduction and any questions just let us know

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Hi all. I think we need to create a Logseq for Educators space. I’m a teacher at a government high school on Sunshine Coast, wanting to get my gifted and talented kids onto 21st century ICT tools like Logseq rather than behind-the-times OneNote et al.

I love the possibility of Logseq for this purpose as the local file storage gets around data privacy concerns with students logging in/creating accounts into a cloud system. Education Queensland has the most stringent (backward?) IT network restrictions in the democratic world and things like Notion, Roam and Github won’t be permitted…

Anyway, looking forward to sharing practice over time.

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