Hello from Boston area

I’m here because I’m fleeing FuseBase, formerly known as Nimbus.

I run a small IT consulting firm (IT department turnarounds, infrastructure rebuild) and find that most notetaking applications don’t work well for tracking the information I collect and do not make it easy to share information with clients. FuseBase promised a good client portal and notetaking capability. TBH, they may still do so since I told them the application complexity broke me. Imagine how bad the UI must be if someone with decades of experience ranging from embedded systems through large-scale print management gave up and said fork that ship.

I have no illusions that logseq will completely do what I need, but it looks like it has a lot of nice capabilities, so I am going to give it a go and see if there’s some way I can export the markdown as HTML into a client portal.

[edit]…I just loaded the desktop app I found one serious problem that will keep me from using logseq. I have a mild hand disability and I can’t do much typing. I use speech recognition for all of my writing and speech recognition does not work with the desktop app. It kind of worked with the browser-based demo but is still lost a lot of the functionality Dragon provides.

Accessibility failure is far too common… Sometimes it seems like the only application works with Dragon is Microsoft Word…