Hello from Canada

Hello everyone! I’m a Canadian researcher currently pursuing a masters degree in public health. I’m a huge open source, open science, and digital rights enthusiast. I migrated from Obsidian because of the open source nature of Logseq, and I like to contribute to things however I can.

Other hats I wear include being an ambassador for the Centre for Open Science, being a member of the Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Based Research, and a member of the EFF. Always happy to talk about any of it, and hope to use Logseq to help me bridge ideas between different areas of my life.

Looking forward to working with you all to work on understanding knowledge creation, aggregation, and exploration better!



I came for the (FOSS) philosophy, I stayed for the features: Logseq is ahead of other (proprietary) competitors in terms of technologies involved, like Datascript to run a Datalog database in the browser.

I’m interested in Open Science, copyleft and the likes, too. Any effort to bridge them and Logseq is appreciated, at least, by me.

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