Hello from indonesia

hello, it’s dasapta from indonesia. my background is geology. i’m new to this connected notes concept using logseq (and obsidian). been using it less than a week but it helps me so much already. it’s fun to develop a personal knowledge management. happy to be in this community.


Hello Dasapta,

Apologies I missed your introductory post. Thank you so much for posting your background and very nice to have you on board.

Geology does sound like a lot of fun but I have to say that I am re-watching The Big Bang Theory for about the 5th time and every time I see Geology I cannot help but think of Sheldon and his comments to that area :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad that you are enjoying LS and having fun with it. It can take some time getting used to it especially if coming from the old school note taking apps like OneNote, but after using it for about 1 year, it has been such an amazing tool to work in and get stuff out of.

Thanks again for the post and don’t hesitate to ask any questions in here or the Discord.