Hello from Japan!

My name is “YU”.
I’ve been using Logseq since May. It’s been over 4 months and I still want to use it.
You can write them as “daily notes”, but that’s not all.
The best topic was that I was able to verbalize it by writing the timeline of the day in my diary.
The Omnivore plugin helps you create timelines. Get a reference to a web clip.
It’s interesting that you can use the outliner to record the extent of its influence yourself, tying it together with a webclip reference.
It can be used as a reference or as an outliner-style task management tool.
Obsidian isn’t meant for this type of work.

I have created a “Column Layout” plugin. Try using it from the marketplace.


Omnibore is the name of plugin?

Yes, It is a plugin for Logseq.