Hello from Madagascar. About to leave Obsidian 😁

Hey everyone :wave: ,
I’m Donovan from Madagascar.
Developer and a FOSS enthusiast.

I found about Logseq in early 2022 but was too busy playing with Obsidian, I didn’t really give it a honest try. I wasn’t a big fan of bullet points and was too quick to judge!
It changed when I realized that although I tried various workflow and structures, refactor my whole way of taking notes, I never was satisfied with the result and I still felt some frictions in my workflow. Also I couldn’t really get rid of folders and hierarchical note taking fully.
With Logseq, the workflow is already set for me to just dump everything in Journals and put links without worrying about structures and stuff. It takes care of everything I need in the background.
So thank you Obsidian and Hello Logseq, my new best friend :blush:

Over the years, I accumulated tons of notes in Obsidian so to make the transition smoother, I was using both in parallel. In the past few days, I found myself using more and more of Logseq than Obsidian which is good :partying_face:

I really appreciate the effort put into this tool so thank you very much guys :pray:


Welcome fellow FOSS enthusiast!

In case you are looking for the community on Discord, be aware that you can interact with it from Matrix too:

Not all rooms are bridged but they are looking for bridge all of them.