Hello from Pastor Mick Finch

It is a joy to be here with you all. I am from Jeffersonville, Indiana, and I am the Senior Pastor for Southern Hills Parish, which consists of three Presbyterian congregations. I will use Logseq for my PKM and hope to use a Zettlekasten method. My PKM will be the foundation for writing (blogs, Bible studies, and sermons). I have been searching for a long time for software that will help me accomplish my goals, and I hope Logseq will help me reach that goal.

Good to see another pastor on here. I’m a pastor/minister in a Presbyterian church in Scotland. I’ve been using Logseq as a multipurpose tool for sermon research and outlining, meeting planning and recording, reflection and journaling. I think I could probably use it as a database for ideas and illustrations, but haven’t quite got there yet.

I first came to Logseq for Zettelkasten, but that didn’t really work for me as a method (although I’m open to returning to it.)