Hello from Rwanda

I’m a Software Engineer from Kigali, Rwanda. I just discovered logseq today. I’m currently learning to use it logseq for task management (pomodoro timer), build knowledge graph for all my works and have Git like history for all the revision of my notes.

I got here from Youtube after seeing one Youtuber recommending it and using it. I instantly knew that It’s is the app I been looking for quite long time. so I decided to join the community so that I can learn more from community, get inspired & first hand information about the logseq.

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Hi @mucyomiller, my name is Greg. I am from South Africa

what do you think of Logseq so far.

I have been trying to decide between Logseq and Obsidian for a few months now. I’ve also decided to go with Logseq and am trying to learn to use it for much the same functions as you are.

Would you be interested in connecting and collaborating. I have read that learning collectively and engaging in discussions, sharing of resources and links etc. as insights and knowledge has many benefits to the learning experience.

It would be cool to connect with you if you are interested.

Go well and have a good evening

Greg Foulkes