Hello from Saudi Arabia

I have discovered this app/website just today when I was scrolling down my Twitter Timeline, and someone recommended this application.
I went to check it out, since I’m currently looking for a similar app to use for work and notes, you see I’ve been using “Notion”, it wasn’t bad, but I stopped because it was too complicated for my needs and it kept signing out every time I closed the program, which was annoying, and I couldn’t use it comfortably across my devices (phone, ipad, computer).

well, that was the why and how, now I’ll introduce myself, I’m Basma, I’m a nurse graduate (just graduated this June) and I’m going to start an internship in September. I will be doing research this summer, working on a manuscript for previous study, and starting out data collection process this July, so when I saw this app I hoped I could give it a go this month and check how it works and if it works for me or not. In addition, I’m gonna see if I can also use it when I study since I have to this summer for my RN licence board exam (wish me luck).

Thats mostly that about me, I’m friendly, like to know people, very curious, and I love team work, and honestly working and being with people is the best and lucky for me I’m a nurse so I get to have this a lot.