Hello from Trujillo (Peru)

Hello, my name is Ricardo, I am from Peru and at the moment I am living in Trujillo (Peru). I am an agricultural engineer by profession and my main field of work is Hydrology. I also like to program, but I’m not an expert (a bit of everything depending on need), for periods I’m a university teacher.
My current topics of interest are educational transformation, technology and productivity.
Part of the work I do is testing apps or platforms like Logseq. He had previously reviewed it but had not given him the necessary time to evaluate it correctly.
This week I had some problems with the tool I had been using (Mem) and it made me rethink if it was the tool I should use today and in the future.
Yesterday I installed Logseq again and I have dedicated several hours to it to learn what it does and how it does it and I also took the time (including today) to install the necessary plugins to run my things. Customizing Logseq with css is also basic.
My conclusion is that it is an excellent tool for personal knowledge management (what experts call creating a second brain), similar to Roam and Obsidian (although different in concept, Logseq=blocks, Obsidian=pages). The drawback is that you have to spend several hours to get the app ready (if you have experience), if you are a novice it will surely take at least a week.
The tools I currently use are:
-Google Keep: for simple data/information capture in the form of links.
-Obsidian: for all my work notes (researching a topic, writing reports, preparing classes/conferences, wiki, etc). I have decided to leave Obsidian because there are many apps on the market that do similar things and are more beautiful and modern.
-Mem: I’ve been using it for 2 months and thought it would replace Obsidian, but I’ve changed my mind. I only registered the notes corresponding to those 2 months to avoid problems because it still does not have a clean import/export of notes. I was struck by its AI and auto-tagging, but it’s in development and they’ll make changes to features along the way that led me to it.
-Miro: part of the work that I do and that I suppose that every person who is a knowledge worker does, is to prepare boards to present or share knowledge about a topic/problem. Miro is great as a board but it’s not a notes or knowledge management app. At the moment I use Miro as a board but I’m looking for a visual note taking tool, I’m waiting to try Scrintal, Heptabase and Kosmik (I think these 3 have great features).
-Taskade: to manage tasks I use taskade, it has the option to manage your tasks with various views such as kanban boards (it is the one I use the most), calendar and others. I have tried many apps of this type, so far I am happy with taskade.
After testing Logseq more carefully, I think it is a great tool that I will start using in my day to day life. I hope the developers keep working, I think it can make many others obsolete.
Hablo español por si hay gente de mi idioma.

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Unas imágenes de cómo me quedo mi Logseq: