Hello from Wales, UK

I’m a retired Information Scientist and Document Manager, and have been using databases and spreadsheets and document management systems for decades.
Being able to link and integrate resources is a big deal for me.
I’ve used Workflowy for many years, but must admit I fell out of love with it because of its linear structure and - for me - unintuitive retrieval.
I tried Obsidian, but found it too steep a learning curve to start with, Logseq seems to be closely aligned to the way I think and conceive of structure. So Logseq is simply ideal!
Being able to jump randomly from topic to topic whilst inputting, and have returned structured areas of thought that are unimpeded by the software architecture or interface is super cool.
I’ve always wanted something that is very orderly, yet less hierarchical than database systems, Logseq is perfect in that way.
The only reason I nearly gave up with it was the apparent lack of alternatives to Flatpak on Linux (always runs too slow for me), but then I found the .Application implementation and now it’s all good!

I meant .AppImage not .Application!