Hello from Yorkshire, UK

Hi Everyone,

I am a recent convert to Logseq and I’m happy to have found it.
The combination of markdown for storage and massive flexibility has me hooked.
I am excited at the prospect of the android version and file sync so I can fully adopt Logseq for all of my note taking.

One other thing I would love to see is different packaging options for Linux. I am an Ubuntu user so Snap would be good for me, although I understand others may prefer flatpak or other options. While I’m grateful for the AppImage, the lack of proper integration with the rest of the OS is a shame.

I would be interested to know if this is something on the roadmap, or if maybe you might be looking for help to organise these things.

Thanks for a fantastic tool and I look forward to becoming a paid up member of the community.


So I discovered the flatpak version available from flathub.

I also made the pleasant discovery that it is now possible to integrate flatpaks with Ubuntu using the software app so the experience is pretty seamless.

This is a much better solution than the AppImage so I’m happy.

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Welcome @losrc
And thanks, I didn’t know that!

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This is new to me also.

From what I understand, flatpak is a superior format to snap, simply because it’s not tied to one company. I am even considering making the switch from Ubuntu to Fedora for this reason.