Hello! Is anybody out there? New user from Renton, Washington

*I’m brand new to the application but already have become overwhelmed with the sheer amount of customization options that are available. I was hoping to get some input on some of the favorite keyboard shortcuts there are from other users who have become more eloquent. I’m glad to be able to reach out from the void of cyber space into a community of competent, organization minded thinkers. Bye for now!
-Julian H

Welcome to Logseq and the forum.

I just use the standard shortcuts. I use Logseq on two different computers (common data from the cloud) and find it simpler to keep the interfaces as vanilla as possible.

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Thank you for your honesty, I’m probably going to do the same and stick to the vanilla defaults, as opposed to messing around making the user interface too kinky… :slight_smile: haha