Hello Logger People, From Blackpool, England

Hello, stumbled on this by freak accident a week ago. I am coming from the Obsidian Camp after leaving Roam. Love Obsidian but this is also very seductive. I work with stories and run a not for profit business. My work is predominantly around personal and community development specialising in mental health and existential issues. I am an artist, writer and therapist, self-taught publisher and graphic designer… I live in the cold rainy part of England, in the north in a seaside town. It is a rare warm and sunny day here today.

I am using Obsidian (and thus looking at how Logseq may stand similar or better) to build self-therapy processes as well as community projects. I also use it for my own personal self-therapy. The backlinking process of these products allows for those self-discoveries much quicker than in traditional therapeutic settings so I am on a mission to help people help themselves through tools like this. presently building workflows and guidance for my community to take charge of their own lives through self-discovery

I use a community method known as co-production so with this I really welcome people to contribute thoughts, ideas and solutions to help me help other people.

Rambling on I also love dogs, have a deep wanderlust and cheese on toast.

So I am rambling on, sat in the most locked-down country in the world with too much time on my hands. I love a good natter (conversation), drinking tea (oh so Britishly stereotypical). Love a good old dystopian movie, things about near-death experiences

I am not very techy with code but I do make a great bread and butter pudding


Welcome to Logseq Kane!

It’s great to have you here, I like the ways you are using Obsidian and Logseq, your wish to help others is admirable!

I think logseq allows for much better task managment than Obsidian, that’s my main use for Logseq at the moment, as well as a daily journal and outliner for ideas that I develop further in Obsidian.

I also love that Logseq supports .org files, that’s just amazing!

Highly recommend the show “The OA” in netlflix if you haven’t seen it already.

Also “Another Earth” is an excellent film I’m sure you’ll love.

Hope you have a great day!

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@santi Will check these recommendations out, just finished the Dark series on Netflix so perfect timing for a recommendation thank you! I really am liking Logseq already. I feel that Obsidian will become my more creative and polishing, polished place and thus things more likely to or potentially go public and keep Logseq for plotting, planning and early drafting and making delicious mistakes

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that’s a great workflow! I like that!!

Dark is definitely on my top 3 shows of all time!

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thank you, yes i think that workflow will work for me. I just discovered the recurring dates thing (scheduled - repeater) in logeq did not expect that at all. This is a really good tool for something that seems really young.

Yes Dark is brilliant kind of deliciously hard on the brain thinking mans dystopia. Complex, brilliant and atmospheric

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