Hello! PKM and Linked Note Enthusiast here!

Linked Notes are for Real

  • Can’t even begin to describe how my life, work, and learning processing has benefited and developed over the last several years once I began to take notes and thinking in terms of linking ideas and thoughts
  • I’m never going back, and that in PARTICULAR is why I started using Logseq earlier this year when I started a new job

Open Source

  • This may be taboo but I’m going to say it anyway, I love Obsidian. It’s powerful, interactive, dynamic, infinitely customizable through personal customization or community plugins, and was available and off to the races when I jumped into this linked note taking idea in 2021, but it’s not open source and it’s not free to use in a work environment
  • Logseq has almost all of the parts of Obsidian that I love, is open source, is available to use in a work environment, and also incorporates in my mind better built in ways to track meeting note tasks/waiting for/etc. items (along with follow up items across my notes) to follow up on with the built in task management + good filtering options
  • Really hoping at some point soon Logseq will have a way to portably install itself on a jump drive and so I can take an excellent open source note taking tool with me even when/where I might note be able to use Obsidian or take my phone/laptop
    • Also hoping for this as I’m not sure when I’ll run into a next job where they won’t let me install any “non-company-approved” applications and I’ll be in a pickle

Lets Go!

  • Even though I started using Logseq almost a year ago, only jumping into the forums now
  • Looking forward to contributing, finding answers, and providing help where I can