Hello there. I'm Miguel

  • I’m a 41-year-old UX designer from Porto, Portugal.
  • I’ve been geeking over note taking software for 20 years, now.
  • In 2020:
    • I tried Roam for a couple of months.
      • I loved the product.
      • I knew that it would change note-taking forever.
      • I left because I didn’t like the CEO and a significant part of the community. (There, I said it.)
    • I discovered Obsidian, and fell in love.
  • Now I decided it was time to try Logseq.
    • I want to see if/how I can use it alongside Obsidian.
    • Both the software and the community around it seem very nice.
  • I like nice things.

Ola Miguel, tudo bom com você? I absolutely love Porto - one of the best meals I have had was in Vinum - loved the location, the food and the view. Spectacular.

I love the intro in Logseq outline style - thank you very much for posting as it is great to learn about others.

How are you finding Obsidian? Did you fully remove yourself from Roam or still using? How did you find going from an outline to a more fully fledged text editor?

Very glad that you stumbled upon Logseq and to have you here. Be sure to check out the Discord, if you have not done so already https://discord.gg/URphjhk

Hey @Ed_Nico,

Thank you for the warm welcome!

Me too! I feel fortunate for living in such a charming city, and I try to live the tourist’s life once in a while. The cellars area is something else. :wine_glass::ok_hand:t2:

Where are you from?

Obsidian is awesome. Its development is scary-fast and the app feels solid despite still being in beta.

The community is one of the best I’ve had contact with, and the first one I’ve actually cared about. There’s some brilliant people and many talented developers scratching their (and a lot of people’s) itches with community plugins.

Regarding the devs, they’re very present, kind, assertive and open-minded. I appreciate their philosophy (regarding future-proofness and software agnosticism, for example).

Related to the previous point: I feel safe in the knowledge that my markdown files will always be accessible (and easily readable!). I also enjoy tinkering with the vault’s structure, which is very easy if you know a little regex.

I was using both Roam and Obsidian when I saw Conor badmouthing the competition on Twitter. I stepped in to defend Obsidian. Then the (mostly) hideous #roamcult came to defend its leader and things escalated. I deleted my database and never looked back.

This might seem like an over-reaction or an inconsequential point of honor, but, if I am to rely on a tool for thought, I need to respect its makers and the community around it.

I really really miss the outlining. That’s one of the reasons I’m trying out Logseq alongside Obsidian. I’ll eventually have to stick with one of the two, though. I like to keep my workflow simple, and there’s no room for two apps that overlap so much.

Thank you (again!). I’ll pay a visit for sure, but I’m afraid my life isn’t compatible with a lot of real-time conversations :man_shrugging:. I’ll hang around in the forum, that’s for sure.



Welcome to Logseq. I’m a noob but I’m really excited to see experienced users trying out Logseq because I understand the value they bring to the community. I’m scared away from Roam mainly because of the cost but the recent unnecessary drama + how great Logseq is made me very happy that I didn’t commit myself to Roam. If I have time I’ll try out Obsidian, but I think I prefer the block-based system of Logseq much more.

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Thank you, @nhanjkl!

I’ll try to contribute and help make Logseq even better, but for now I’m still learning the ropes.

Obsidian is a great piece of software, and the community is vibrant. If you happen to visit the forum there, give me a shout (I use the same handle there).


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Hi Miguel, we have oddly similar names (my full name: Michael Travers) and we are both refugees from Roam, for what sounds like similar reasons. Just getting started with Logseq, nice to meet you and others.


Hi Michael. Nice to meet you too.

Indeed, our names look a bit like garbled up versions of each other :smiley:

I see you are a Clojure programmer. One of the (secondary) reasons why I took interest in Logseq was because it was made with that language. Although I’m by no means a programmer, I do enjoy coding my own little automations and utilities, and Clojure has this deep, foreign appeal to me. It’s been a lot like learning Latin: once you start to understand the basics, you gain a new insight on your own mother tongue.

Well, see you around!