Hello, why is everything a page?

Hello all

About a half year ago, I switched from the great Joplin notes app to Logseq after a long search. This because of the many notes I no longer knew my way around in Joplin. I also couldn’t find a good way to connect notes and keep them organised. Until a certain moment that I didn’t know anything about most notes anymore and noted many things again and again.

So I’m not new to Logseq or the forum here but never had to create an account because I found the answer and more on this very interesting forum incredibly quickly. Thanks for that! :wink:

My first question here:-)
But one question has been lingering for a while and this is really the only thing that disappoints me about this really amazing application, Logseq:

Why is everything a page?

For example, I find it completely redundant that ‘tags’ become an empty page that is then referenced. You can see what I mean in the attached screenshot.

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  • Not everything is a page.
    • Everything is a block.
      • That’s an old discussion.
      • Pages are page-blocks.
        • That merely rephrases the question to “Why tags have their own page-blocks?”
  • It is good that tags are page-blocks.
    • That promotes them to “first-class citizens”.
    • The benefit isn’t immediately obvious.
      • There are applications with tags that are useful without this promotion.
        • It is useful to know when different pieces of knowledge share the same tags.
          • That is the generally known benefit of grouping.
      • But the real power of a graph is unleashed when tags acquire own content.
        • That includes own links to other pages.
        • It is even more useful to know when different tags of different pieces of knowledge relate to each-other.
          • That is the generally unknown benefit of associating.
  • The problem is not that tags are pages, but that:
    • they appear where you don’t want them
    • some of the entries look really bad:
      • numbers
      • gibberish
  • What is needed is a way to:
    • filter out unwanted valid entries
      • Unfortunately, there is currently no good filtering, other than custom advanced queries.
    • clean up invalid entries
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Had already responded with a thumbs up but after working in Logseq again,
I still think this is an absurd idea. I fully understand your explanation and can partly agree with it but tags becoming pages and then also visible in the Pages section is very cluttered.

Besides Pages, there should be a Tags menu item where under Pages you then see only actual pages and under Tags you see only the tags. I am looking into whether it is possible to adjust this in config.edn.