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Hi all … I work for a very busy shop with LOTS of projects and tools, yet I still drop the ball way too often. Even though I’ve got an arsenal of tools at my disposal (Teams, Outlook, ADO, Outlook, to name a few), none have really given me a good place to store my daily notes, tasks, and link info from meetings. I find myself in most meetings just opening Notepad, typing the notes, then dissecting it after the fact into the variety of places where I hope I can find it again when needed days, weeks, or months later… which often times I never see it again.

I started seeing comments about Logseq on Youtube, and I was VERY impressed. Now after just one day of using it plus numerous YT tutorials I’m thinking of all the ways I can use it to keep track of tasks, servers, projects, databases, the works! So thanks for any guidance you guys can give as I try to learn this crazy yet amazing program…


Moin, moin @Sam_Alexander,
this is the topic I’m was inpired the most so far.

You might want to give the documentation a chance, I for mysself have to admit, ignored it for way to long, hence it a pretty good tutorial, too.


Thanks for sharing your mission and enjoy your journey.

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Welcome to Logseq and the community @Sam_Alexander! :wave:

Content about Logseq is still a bit scattered (I’m working on collecting it), but you can find the introduction tutorial I wrote within Logseq itself. Click the ? in the bottom-right corner in Logseq, there you’ll find the Handbook:


Please let me know if you have questions or suggestions for the Handbook, as I’m making time to give it a major refresh and add content.

Also, there’s the Logseq Hub with community content, but that also needs to be updated. Any suggestions you have of things you’d like to see, please let me know in a reply.