Help editting the NOW query in the journals page to remove parent block

Hello! After spending a few hours searching, using AI, and trying to edit the datalog myself I am at a loss. What I’m trying to do is edit the NOW query in the journals page to remove showing the parent block for the NOW task block. I’ve been able to successfully do that, but then the results display the word “NOW” rather than a checkbox I can interact with. Currently the results show the parent block for each task grouped by the page. I want the task (rendered as a checkbox) grouped by page and thats it.

Can anyone please offer a solution?

and, for what its worth, claude AI did a great job editing the datalog except that I don’t think it understands how Logseq knows to render “NOW” as a checkbox.

Without visuals it’s a little bit hard, but I think what you mean is this?

If so you need to add :breadcrumb-show? false to the query.
Just like the other modifier already added:

:group-by-page? false
:breadcrumb-show? false
:collapsed? false

That was exactly it, thank you so much!

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