Help moving from Craft

Hello all,

I’m considering moving from Craft to Logseq and wonder about two pain points.

First, the daily notes in Craft have the format when exported. How can I change all the .s to _s? Do I need to?

Second, Craft makes a folder for each note that has attachments. Is there any way to get these files into the assets folder and have the links update?

Grateful for any help you can offer!

Hello. For your first question I would recommend searching something like Terminal batch rename files. With a few lines in the command line you can very easily amend the page titles of a number of pages in one go. If you get stuck, just let me know and I can try to help - I had to do something similar.

For your second question I do not know I am afraid but I am not too sure if this is possible given the way each tool makes the links. Hopefully someone else that previously used Craft can help.


Thank you, Ed! I’ll try it.

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