Help setting default-templates

I have a template for my daily journal page in a file called ‘Daily Note’. I have entered the following line in my settings file but it doesn’t seem to work.

:default-templates “Daily Note Template”

I have tried it with .md on the end but that doesn’t seem to make any difference. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong ?


Hi dcoales,

often the spaces get replaced by %20. So i would rename the template to to test if it has something to do with the spaces. Of course adapt the entry in the edn to it and see if that works.


Turns out I’d got the format wrong. There is an example in the clean config.edn that you can get to in the Logseq help.

The line should look like:

{:journals “Daily Note Template”}

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Saw the example but interpret it completely different than it is meant.

I wonder whether this would work? Or will in the future?

{:journals "Daily Note Template"
 :pages "Other Pages Template"}

This doesn’t seem to work right now, but I would really love to see it in the future for :pages as well. Maybe we should open up a separate feature request?