Help ! Unable to zoom out

After one day using logseq, I found the font was a bit large and I wanted to unzoom a bit.
I tried different classical shortcut (ctrl-scrollwheel, ctrl-+, ctrl–), and was only able to zoom in with ctrl-+, never to zoom out.
As a consequence, it is now almost unreadable, with a very very large font.
I am on Windows.
I tried all the tricks I found in the forum and on the web involving custom.css, no effect.
I tried changing the shortcuts (Esc g s), no effect.
I completely deleted the project/logseq directory, no effect.
I deleted also the C:\Users\me.logseq directory, no effect.
I looked into C:\Users\me\AppData/local/Logseq, apparently no configuration here.
I uninstalled and reinstalled the logseq executable, no effect.
I am stuck with my work being unreadable, and I can just open the .md files in Notepad++.
I have no clue where this **** zoom level is stored…

Any help ?

Have you tried Ctrl + - and Ctrl + 0, not on the numpad, but at the top line of numbers on your keyboard?

Thanks for your quick answer.
Yes of course I tried.
Ctrl-+ works in the top line but not in the numpad.
Ctrl-- does not work in the top line neither in the numpad.
Whatever the numlock, capslock, Alt, Alt Gr, or any modifier keys I can try to use at the same time. (I also tried right Ctrl as well as left Ctrl, who knows…)

azerty layout in french environment ?
this is probably an issue with the - keycode on azerty layout (lookup keycode 189 or VK_OEM_MINUS).
ctrl 0 should reset zoom in any case
you can try to switch to an english UK or english US environment with a French Azerty layout as the default keyboard, I believe then, you’ll be able to use ctrl + °)] french top row key (near the +=}) to ctrl -
I can’t check it atm though.

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Thank you Cannibalox, you saved me !!
More precisely, Ctrl-0 did not work, but the switch to English keyboard did.

That’s a bad bug for Logseq which requires a tricky workaround !
Thanks again.

to be fair, I think this is more an issue with the azerty layout rather than logseq.
This is widespread issue that affects a lot of programs (not only logseq) when using key combos like ctrl - on azerty ISO keyboards as some keycodes are not sent properly.
I think Azerty is flawed in too many ways (esp. the top row : numbers need shift, - is too far apart from +, @ needs altgr modifier, brackets/curly brackets & backticks are too difficult to access, etc… whereas we get easy access to ù £ ¤ µ which I basically never use)…
I ended up making a custom keyboard layout that mix english UK with french for my daily use and always request british keyboard layout when I have to work on-site with a french keyboard.