HELP: Working around Syntax Problems Migrating from Roam to Logseq

Logseq currently has a Roam to Logseq importer, but I’m finding it doesn’t work out the syntax differences between the platforms (which make migrating for very interested users cumbersome). Here are some of the issues I’m finding aren’t converting:

  • Tags/links after attributes (e.g. tags:: #[[academic paper]] #syntax #[[Binding Theory]] #anaphor are being rendered tags: academic paper, syntax #, Binding Theory, anaphor

  • Multiple-word attributes (e.g. title of paper:: does not create an attribute unless I add hyphens between words)

  • Query conversion (Queries aren’t converted from one syntax into the other)

I already know these are due to syntax differences between the platforms. My question would perhaps be: is there a way to convert the JSON, EDN or Flat Markdown Roam graph exports into Logseq’s syntax?

I’m not much of a coder, but I kinda suspect this could be done through Python. However, I don’t know how to build such a script. Any solutions?

I love logseq, but can’t seem for be able to fully migrate (which I’m really wanting to do!)

Thank you in advanced for any helpful suggestions!

I recommend opening a bug report on Github.

Hi, did you ever got this solved?