Hey Every One - Happy New Year!

… Where to start? I am a productivity tool addict :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: - constantly looking for a way to be more efficient and I have tried most if not all of the well-known “do it better/easier” applications out there :nail_care: . When it comes to this particular sector of my “productivity spectra” - I have gone through AnyType, Notion, Obsidian, AmpleNote, EverNote, Coda, Skiff, OneNote and on and on and on. Each one getting closer to just what I need but none quite ticks all the boxes. Why? Because I am a serial entrepreneur with ADD and every time I finally “set up” my new note-taking app - I feel… overwhelmed. What amazed me about Logseq is I didn’t know what I had until the moment I started using it. It was at that point that I finally understood - what I needed and what every other app was missing. The experience in Logseq feels as intuitive as thinking - the overwhelming anxiety of where to put it what to call it how to reference it later - link it - how to remind myself… all that is gone. It is a truly frictionless experience that JUST WORKS. What’s more - the simplicity of the interface is the most liberating thing I have ever experienced. When I say I am in love - I truly mean it. What this team has created here is truly the note-taking experience of the century. The cherry on the top and the thing that takes me over the edge wanting to curl up and cry when I think of what could be charged for this kind of experience in the future is - EVERYTHING IS STORED LOCALLY - I CAN SYNC MY HIGHLIGHTS - I DON’T NEED A CODE ACADEMY COURSE TO READ MY FILE TYPES - I CAN EMBED ANY FRICKING THING I WANT - AND ITS EXTENSIBLE. Major Johnny Bravo - Whoa Mama moment Call it my honeymoon phase - call it love at first sight, all I know is this app is set to startup when my computer does and I don’t know how I could ever live without it. Thank you Logseq team. You are the cat’s meow! (Wanted to say other things but … I am suffering from PTSD from TikTok’s constant community guidline violation notices and figured … PG is the way to go.) Suffice to say - I am a SUPER FAN! Thank you -thank you - thank you!

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