Hi all - Is there a setting / workaround to hide the "bullet points" on blocks

Bellut points are nice but I don’t want to have a bullet point in front of every paragraph. Is there a setting that I am missing ?

much thanks

You can use the command t d.


Thanks for the solution. It worked great for the logseq app interface (on Mac) , but when I export the graph to publish on web, the bullet marks are still carried on … Is there a way to totally remove bullets ?

Maybe you can select the element and change the default CSS rule in the corresponding file.

Thanks @Didac - I can handle css but I am pretty new to [[logseq]] , wondering if you could point me to the file and element name …



.bullet-container .bullet {

Comment out that second line

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The logseq plugin logseq-plugin-doc can help with this.

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Will it retain the looks if I exported entire graph for web publishing ?

I think it would if you did the export one page at a time, but it doesn’t seem to have a convenient way to call it for exports of an entire graph.


You can workaround this with this example custom.css

// This uses the logseq-dev-theme but the url can be changed to any theme's github url
@import url("https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/pengx17/logseq-dev-theme@main/custom.css");

On the same lines , I figured that custom css from https://demo.diasporamemory.com/#/page/Diasporic%20Memory works well too .

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