Hi from Australia

Hi all from Perth Western Australia - a toasty 41C (106F) down here today - it was a dry heat though.

Loqseq looks OK so far - I’ve had a go at quite a few apps/tools over the years, but without enormous success - I’m a bit light on attention at times along with about 12% of the general population - LS seems different - I like outliners and I have had some success with Workflowy - I like the journal is the front page approach - it gets you writing stuff - ands its right there when you open the front door - Nudge Theory at work. Seems like there’s a lot of things you can do with LS so a steep learning curve lies ahead - also good - steep means more learning - I am coming to grips with links/backlinks and how they work, slowly, moving away from hierarchical concept is a bit tough for an old boomer like me. I’ve recently discovered Zotero while researching a chronic illness in the family and I note there is some integration with LS there, that’s a feature that caught my eye.

My aim is find/borrow/build a system that assists me to move away from having layers, piles of folders, and notes, files ( incl. spreadsheets!), links, references = info that get buried over the years to eventually sink out of sight - and out of reach of being actionable… The zettelkasten approach looks promising in that respect.

Looking forward to learning more about LS and from the community.

Hi Hplo
I am in UK and on 2nd day using LS. Learning curve is steep, I am struggling with how to set up my journal, pages, properties, templates etc. Have the same issues with life, not just the computer!

Greetings fellow Aussie!
I’m on the other coast where it’s somewhat cooler and a fair bit wetter.