Hi from ben melançon aka mlncn of Agaric Tech Collective, where we will try using Logseq collaboratively

Going to quote my own profile since i wrote it fresh for this Logseq Discourse forum and it’s been a while since i did that:

Worker-owner at Agaric Technology Collective doing web development and such.

For the most power possible for all people over our own lives.

Justice and liberty require equality.

It’s an old algorithm, but one of the better ones— decisions by a random selection of people. Which news is important for everybody to get should be done less through proprietary and secret algorithms for profit and power or through the filter and lens of corporate media, and more through deciding democratically— necessarily using the hack of sampling since asking everybody defeats the point. Could be considered a use case of a very old approach to democracy, sortition. But whatever it is, i think it has always been needed and the Internet makes it possible: Visions Unite.

Liking LogSeq even though i really do not like everything being a bullet point. The last long-term successful system i had was Tomboy, until i topped out the number of notes it could handle and stay responsive at about 10,000 notes of wildly varying size and interconnection, and have been cobbling things together ever since. Excited to be here.

  • Some more detail:
    • Coming in with my own pile of 13,000+ notes
      • First 10K happily in Tomboy until it began freezing for minutes at a time, all ones since then unhappily in various cobbled-together systems, including Atom with a Notational Velocity plugin until Atom phased itself out, and manually in unadorned vim (well, Nvim) since then).
      • In fairness to Tomboy there’s a maintained next generation version now which was beginning to address the performance issues when i last tested, but i don’t want to go back to anything non-Markdown at this point.
    • Actually coming back to Logseq a couple years after pointing it at my ~3,000 markdown notes directory and it complaining that for a bunch of them the non-list-formatted blocks are too big to edit, and being told in some support channel that everything will always need to be bullet-formatted and that will never change (though i still hope it will).
      • The main reason i’m back is fellow worker-owners at Agaric, especially Keegan, starting to use Logseq heavily on their own, and all the other signs that Logseq is clearly The Interconnected Notes App.
      • We are a cooperative and do indeed do a great deal of things cooperatively and will be trying to use a shared Logseq storage for sure (not for the 13,000+ notes though, i will try to keep pushing these different limits separate).
    • Despite all these list items here, i have to admit i despise both aesthetically and practically how Logseq forces everything to be in list items, but i am making my peace with it for all the other benefits.


I saw your post on conversion and importing your thousands of existing notes to logseq and appreciated the thorough summary of resources that you had looked at.

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