Hi from California

–a graying young bearded guy pulls up a chair at the table and sets down a tall thing of hot water that he can’t quite sip on yet–

Hey y’all :slight_smile:

I’m a game developer, writer, and worldbuilder living in Sunnyvale California.

Before Logseq I used Zim off and on for many years for writing and worldbuilding. I love Zim for being all local, and all text files, but this year I found myself increasingly and desperately longing for the ability to do something along the lines of block references.

I’ve tinkered with every CS student’s note-taking app under the sun at this point, and Logseq is the only piece of software that has thus far managed to have nearly all of the functionality I need. If you frequent the Feature Requests forum you’ll note I’m the type who likes to suggest ~ideas~, and I’ve already started yammering about a couple of things. Thanks for your patience. Logseq has been amazing thus far; the plugin support and ability to go to town on the CSS has been absolutely intoxicating :smiley:

Thanks for a great app and wonderful community, looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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