Hi from Spain (Valencia)

Hi all, just migrating from Obsidian to Logseq and “tons” of problems, “seems” like they’re not fully compatible in Markdown syntax, yaml tags…

I’m IT teacher at second grade school (from 12 to 18), using Logseq for personal organization and something similar to a “second brain” :sweat_smile:

Hope to solve it, Regards.

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Welcome Jose,

I had the same issue migrating a month-or-so ago. I worked my way through the obvious incompatibilities that appeared when I listed all pages. I had around 350 markdown files. All my new files are obviously fine and I fix old incompatibility and format issues as I come across them.

Regards, Gary

Thanks for your response, musings.

As a resume, I did this changes on my markdown (obsidian) files:

  • Removing all “title:” tags, seems it’s a bit confusing for Logseq.
  • Changing single “:” by “::” in yaml fields.
  • Some file’s name, due to special characters “%,$,…” which worked in Obsidian without problems.